Considering recent regulatory changes and the constant rise of new hurdles, it is certain that understanding China within its current domestic and international context is now essential for any educator seeking to retain Chinese students. Due to continuous quarantine measures nationwide, digital presence, online recruitment, and study provision through partnerships with trustworthy local agencies are becoming significantly important.

In our recent webinar, we discussed the latest trends in the Chinese education market, including policy impact and interpretation. The session covered some of the most hotly debated topics, such as first-hand soft intelligence on Chinese agencies, trends in student mobility shifts, as well as new program opportunities and recruitment channels.

Presentation (20 mins)

BONARD’s long-term China market experts Grace Zhu (China Branch Manager) and Su Su (Senior Project Manager) opened the session by presenting the latest market data and insights, with practical in-field recommendations and tips on the current student recruitment in China.

Panel (40 mins)

The following panel discussion was joined by the leading industry experts:

  • William Fish, President, Washington International Education Council
  • Jennifer Phillips, Chair, Study Wisconsin
  • Lee Henshaw, Head – North East Asia Engagement, Scape


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Webinar recording:

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Introducing BONARD China 2022 Trade Missions

BONARD is excited to announce its latest initiative in international education – the launch of its first China Virtual Trade Missions focused on Higher Ed and K-12.

Attending these Trade Missions will enable educators and providers to:

  • empower their market presence across China;
  • develop new relationships and strengthen existing ones with hand-picked, qualified and verified partners;
  • meet owners and executives of up to 12 carefully selected agencies interested in promoting and sending prospective students to K-12 programs, universities, colleges, and higher education institutions internationally;
  • benefit from unparalleled market intelligence webinars;
  • keep up with the latest initiatives and trends in the Chinese study abroad market.

Apply for Virtual Trade Misions to take place on:

Higher Ed Sector | Nov 15-16, 2022

K-12 Sector | Nov 21-22, 2022

For more information about the event or assistance with the application process, please contact our Event Coordinator at:

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