Patrik Pavlacic, our Chief Intelligence Officer, visited this year’s Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) in person.

On October 19th, Patrik presented the topic of diversification in the context of the Australian international education industry. Patrik noted the need for volume, but urged providers to lay the foundations for strategic diversification in four areas:

  • Diversification in source markets – explore new markets that are currently small in volume but offer a foundation for stable growth levels and tap into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in established markets.
  • Diversification in program offering – expand the course offering to attract new student audiences and better compete with the more sizeable product offering of Australia’s biggest competitors, such as the UK and the USA.
  • Diversification in recruitment channels – now is a good time to review partner networks and the marketing and recruitment mix used in key markets.
  • Diversification in study locations – Patrik encouraged providers to introduce new study opportunities in regional areas with unique selling points.


On October 20th, he presented and was part of a panel on the topic of a comparative analysis of study destinations’ marketing brands.

During Patrik’s presentation, he highlighted the marketing initiatives and innovative branding of the study destinations, followed up by an in-depth analysis of the current international education market. The presentation brought out multiple points, which he then discussed with the other industry experts.

The presentation also highlighted the advantages of a wider market focus, praising organisations that recruit students from high-potential developing markets.

As part of the analysis, the panellists gave an overview of the various precautions and marketing adaptations taken by each brand and compared their engagement levels. The discussion concluded with a Q&A session, which covered the best-performing content types and campaigns for engaging students as well as ways to attract specific markets to Australia.


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