CAPS-I recently held its Annual Conference, which focused on Recovery & Transformation in K-12 International Education. Throughout the three-day event, there were plenary presentations, professional development workshops and panel discussions.

Lenka Kubasova, Head of Business Solutions at BONARD, visited the conference in person and presented two informative sessions on May 18, 2022.

During her first session, Lenka covered the global post-Covid perspective on the Canadian K-12 sector. As the industry recovers from Covid, educators need access to trustworthy data to handle student recruitment strategically. Lenka shared BONARD’s findings on the most resilient K-12 source markets, their potential for recruitment and how different destinations have adapted post-pandemic.

Later, Lenka spoke about recruiting international students online, sharing the latest digital marketing trends and best practices for the key K-12 source markets. The session focused on cultural and social touchstones in marketing campaigns for selected regions, as well as the best social media platforms and search engines for each major K-12 market.


Canadian K-12 Sector: Global Post-Covid Perspective

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K-12 Digital Marketing: Recent Trends & Best Practices

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