With the announcement of its new Covid prevention policy in December 2022, China has re-opened its borders after almost three years, and the government’s decision to no longer recognise overseas degrees obtained via online learning has given outbound student mobility a further boost.

Many questions of broad interest remain, however: what changes have taken place in the Chinese market over the past three years? How have students’ preferences for studying abroad evolved? And how can overseas institutions re-enter the market?

During our webinar on China’s education market outlook, organised by the BONARD China Team, Igor Skibickij, our COO, and Grace Zhu, our China Branch Director, covered all the latest trends, developments and statistics and presented the findings of our Chinese student survey, focused on investigating students’ needs and plans for studying abroad and their opinions of each destination country.


Key takeaways from the webinar include:


  • The era of ‘studying abroad online without going abroad’ will come to an end. More students will go abroad and return to campus as a result of changes even though it seems the market is generally unaffected by the shift in policy.
  • An increasing number of B2B fairs are being held as agents continue to represent more than 60% of all bookings and remain the number one recruitment channel to revitalize.
  • Educators in the higher education sector need to emphasize the educational quality of their university and the alignment of majors with job market trends and demands.

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We have been the eyes and ears of the industry in China since 2014, and thanks to our China Team, BONARD has developed an unparalleled knowledge of the local market.

If you wish to explore China’s international education market further and are looking for data, research, intel, or advice, please write us at china@bonard.com. We will be happy to arrange a meeting.

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