China is the world’s largest origin hub of international students. However, new national trends have emerged as the coronavirus continues to impact their global mobility, causing shifts in consumer mindsets and decisions. 

Preferences in study destinations are changing. Choices for first-year programs abroad are shifting, some temporarily, others permanently. Beijing and Shanghai, the top origin cities of outbound students, are losing ground to other emerging New Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities while the commercial sector of international education is undergoing a transformation of its own.

These ongoing changes raise the question: how should educators navigate and approach student recruitment in China in 2021?

In the first webinar dedicated to China’s education market outlook for 2021, Igor Skibickij (BONARD) and Jon Santangelo (BOSSA) jointly presented the results of big data gathered by BONARD and BOSSA on preferences and decision-making factors among consumers and recruitment agencies in China, and shared on-the-ground insights and recommendations for educators queuing to return to China and recover partnerships and recruitment efforts hampered by the pandemic.

This virtual session elaborated on:

  • BONARD’s data on 2,500+ Chinese education agencies.
  • BOSSA’s big data on 2.3 million consumers intending to study abroad.
  • Shifting trends in education marketing, business development, and recruiting in China.
  • Recommendations on how to push through your student recruitment despite the pandemic.

If your institution recruits Chinese students, whether through agency partners or direct channels, this joint webinar is a must-see to help you hone your 2021 China recruitment strategy.

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