English UK organized a marketing conference for those involved in promoting or selling English language study experiences to international students. Ivana Slobodnikova, International Education Director at BONARD, presented “harnessing the power of online delivery in the post-pandemic world”.

Ivana’s presentation not only gave a thorough overview of the trends shaping the market in the UK but also of the online markets in other significant ELT destinations, an analysis of the key source markets for online language courses, and a data-driven profile of the types of students who prefer online delivery to in-person classes.

The conclusions below are drawn from the first systematic effort to document the online language course offering in the UK ELT sector, a supplementary survey of the Quarterly Intelligence Cohort (QUIC) scheme carried out by English UK and BONARD:

  • Online delivery during the pandemic was the norm – almost nine in ten (89%) centres surveyed said they delivered online English language courses in 2021.
  • Looking to the future, English language centres in the UK are planning to keep offering online courses post-pandemic, with the majority opting to offer them as a standalone product or an add-on to face-to-face courses.
  • Individual centres seem to be more determined than chains to make the most of online language courses – 84% said they would promote them as standalone products, compared to 44% of chains.


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