Over the last academic year, China’s restrictions on international travel have been an obstacle for Chinese students planning to study abroad. Due to limited communication and promotional channels in the market, international educators are also facing difficulties. On the other hand, according to recent governmental announcements, China continues to support overseas education.

Chinese students’ preferences for study abroad destinations and program types have shifted as a result of the pandemic, with other Asian countries becoming more and more popular choices. In these circumstances, developing a successful student recruitment strategy in the market requires a thorough understanding of recent developments in China.

During our webinar on how to succeed in China in 2023, Grace Zhu (China Branch Director) and Su Su (Senior Project Consultant) provided a detailed look at the latest student market insights as well as related government policies in China. They also shared the key findings from a recent student survey carried out by BONARD’s China Team, specifically focused on destination, program type preference, agent role in the application process, and main student recruitment channels.


Key takeaways:

  • The results of a bespoke consumer survey on destination preference deployed, designed and administered to Chinese parents and students by BONARD indicate that Australia is rising rapidly, and opportunities are also emerging in European countries such as Germany and France. Singapore is the top Asian destination.
  • The survey also shows that, as regards higher education, students are more interested in “pathway + degree programs” and joint programs. For joint programs, more students prefer “4+0” than “2+2.” Offering this type of program could thus confer a competitive advantage on higher education institutions looking to succeed in China in 2023.
  • The pandemic is still the top concern among Chinese students and parents, followed by stories of crime and discrimination. Thus, it is recommended that educators continue to give timely updates on Covid-19 prevention measures and demonstrate that their institution offers a China-friendly environment when promoting a program.

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We have been the eyes and ears of the industry in China since 2014, and, thanks to our China Team, BONARD has developed an unparalleled knowledge of the local market.

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