Sector organizations and government agencies are preparing for the return of overseas students after Australia’s long-awaited border reopening.

In our recent webinar, we discussed the latest sector insights, including essential market intelligence and global perspectives. The session also brought together executives from Australia’s leading international education peak bodies, who elaborated on their engagement plans and upcoming initiatives and shared how other stakeholders can benefit from Australia’s current and future engagement strategies.

Panellists also discussed how sector associations and government bodies are coordinating their approaches to help the market recover and provided an insider’s perspective on future outlook.

Market briefing (15 mins)

  • Svetlana Cruz, Senior Research Manager, BONARD

Panel (45 mins)

  • Hon. Phil Honeywood, CEO, IEAA
  • Brett Blacker, CEO, English Australia
  • Toshi Kawaguchi, Acting Director, Study NSW
  • Patrik Pavlacic, Head of Research, BONARD (Session Moderator)

Key takeaways:

  • The International Education Innovation Fund worth AU$10 million which supports student engagement best practice, highlights the commitment of the Australian Government in bringing back students to the country.
  • Diversification is a key pillar in Australia’s market rebuilding. Opening more to growing source markets, while also protecting their core student markets is highlighted. Activities and programs that support diversification not only help the sector’s resilience but also the improvement of the student experience.
  • The NSW Government is investing AU$19.1 million over four years into Study NSW on programs that will ensure the return of students back to Australia. A positive student experience is one of the priorities of Study NSW to achieve this. An example is a one-stop shop platform containing all information for international students which is available in multiple languages.
  • Advocacy in digital web solutions, not only through course delivery but providing information, services to students is paramount as a form of support to international students’ return.


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