Spotlight on Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait


In last two decades Arabian Gulf countries have invested tremendous resources into education that advanced massively.

World is changing and countries need to embrace new challenges to keep pace with both global and internal demands and raise generations with appropriate skill sets.

Need for internationally educated people is economically driven, politically supported and grounded in national programs such as Kuwait’s Education Development Strategy 2005 – 2025 or Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

BONARD believes that forward looking approach and stepping ahead is what makes a difference. That is why our team has embarked on vast research on changes and enhancements in education sector in Arabian Gulf countries with specific focus on scholarships, B2B & B2G sponsorship and alternative booking channels.

By screening scholarships offered in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait and conducting in-depth interviews with key industry stakeholders across Arabian Gulf we seek to bring more transparency onto intertwinement of scholarships and foreign investment opportunities in the region’s education sector.

BONARD will turn this survey into a comprehensive digest that will be shared here on our website. Prospective investors in education sector as well as universities, schools, and institutes eager to increase numbers of students from Gulf countries in their institutions will get insight on

  • Current government and corporate scholarships
  • Eligibility required for the respective scholarships
  • Information sources that students tend to use
  • Booking sources and channels preferred by students
  • Available funding and sponsorship
  • Government tenders and bidding process
  • Long-term scholarship objectives in line with national programs


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