Market Intelligence, Market Research, and Strategic Advisory are all aimed at better understanding a market, target audience, or customer preferences. The difference between Market Intelligence and Market Research is that the former typically represents analysis of already available data or figures, while the former represents a bespoke service, an exercise or activity, that includes secondary and primary in-field data collection. Strategic Advisory is a more complex service, focusing on post-research development, typically including product, recruitment, or marketing strategies. M&A Advisory service provides complex, expert and independent advice, analysis and strategy for M&A projects. Learn more about each below.

Market Intelligence

Learn more about Student mobility flows, Student preferences, Sources of information, Booking channels, Prices, Identification of suitable partners, Intelligence for Trade Missions or Fam Tours, and Market Data Measurement for Associations.

Market Research

Learn more about Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, Economic and social impact, Country-specific market reports, Sector-specific market reports, Topic-specific market reports, Feasibility studies, and White papers.

Strategic Advisory

Learn more about Benchmarking, Product development, Marketing, and recruitment strategies.

Simply put, our Solutions are Research-derived. We have detailed knowledge about international students and education agents, hence, we can more efficiently drive marketing and recruitment solutions. We have data and access to over 16,000 education agencies and their executives; hence, we can select and aim for the most suitable ones for your events or outreach to the market.

Virtual Executive Events

Recommended for governments, destinations, study clusters, associations and education providers. Learn more about virtual executive events to build strategic partnerships with owners and senior executives of carefully selected agencies and stakeholders in target source markets. Selection, recruitment & complete virtual event management included.

Trade Mission

Recommended for associations. Learn more about outbound missions of (or group of) schools to meet & visit pre-selected education agents within the source market itself. Agent recruitment, travel & logistics included. Fundraising support.

Fam Tours

Recommended for destinations. Learn more about inbound missions of (or group of) education agents to visit & familiarise with schools and their campuses within the study destination itself. Agent recruitment, travel & logistics included. Fundraising support.

Press Tours

Recommended for destinations. Learn more about inbound specialised missions where Bonard pre-selects journalists from industry and mainstream media to visit your destination and create additional PR buzz in (social) media. Journalist recruitment, travel & logistics included. Fundraising support.

Recruitment Trips

Recommended for individual school representatives or small group of representatives. Learn more about outbound individual/group trips to meet & visit pre-selected education agents in their offices (1- or 2-week trips). Agent recruitment, travel & logistics included.

Digital Marketing

Learn more about our comprehensive analysis of the source market and how it can better shape your in-country digital marketing campaign. This includes education, student and agent market, recruitment and marketing patterns, demographics, social habits, buying power, booking patterns, social media, etc.

Local Sales Representation

Learn more about our complex service to provide a regional sales representative (incl. hiring, training & management) living or travelling in markets of interest, meeting education agents, local authorities, attending local fairs and conferences, and benefiting from our in-house market intelligence.

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